Kirby-sur-Seine’s line up is Frédéric Houville and Arnaud Chevallier.

Frédéric Houville


Arnaud and Frédéric first started playing together in 2000 at Café Rabelais, in Houston’s Rice Village. This continued until Arnaud left the country at the end of 2001. When he came back to Houston in the summer of 2010, Kirby-sur-Seine (or KSS) resumed their activities, first playing weekly at the Broken Spoke, in the Heights, and then in several restaurants across town—including Le Bistro des amis, Majorca, Salé Sucré, Brasserie 19—now at Rouge Wine Bar. They continue to play at Rouge most Fridays, but it is best to call Rouge (281.741.0079 or to check their Facebook page) to confirm as they might be there on a Thursday night. Or a Saturday night. It fluctuates. This is part of their ‘Parisian charm.’

In addition to these regular gigs, KSS have been playing for various organizations—including the Consulat général de France à Houston, the Alliance française, the Franco-American Chamber of Commerce, the Culinary Institute LeNôtre—as well as for private events (birthdays, house-warming parties, etc).

Both members of KSS grew up in or around Paris, and both have been living abroad for the past 15 years. This means they usually aren’t as rude as a prototypical Parisian. Usually.

Arnaud Chevallier

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